Infants / Waddlers         Weekly       Monthly   
5 Full Days      $254.00 $1100.00
3 Full Days      $202.00 $875.00
2 Full Days        $134.00       $580.00
   Toddlers         Weekly       Monthly   
5 Full Days   $242.00 $1049.00
3 Full Days      $189.00 $819.00
2 Full Days            $126.00 $546.00
5 1/2 Days      $189.00 $819.00
   Preschool / Pre-K         Weekly       Monthly   
5 Full Days          $230.00 $997.00
3 Full Days   $173.00 $750.00
2 Full Days         $114.00 $500.00
5 1/2 Days   $173.00 $750.00

*The Center also requires a one-time, non-refundable registration fee. The cost is $75.00.

I understand the above tuition payment is due regardless of the following circumstances:

  1. My child is absent due to illness.
  2. My child is absent due to vacation.
  3. A holiday falls on my child's scheduled day.
  4. Delayed openings / early closings due to unforeseen weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control.
  5. My child is absent due to any other reason.

Tuition is due on Fridays (or your child’s last school day of the week) for the following week. A late fee will be assessed for late tuition. If payment is not received by Wednesday of that week, a $25 late fee will be due. We encourage you to adjust your financials according to your payday, pay on a monthly basis, or do whatever it takes to avoid unnecessary accounting fees.

Referral credits are also given. If the referred child remains enrolled for 3 months, one free week is granted to the parent who referred them. A 10% discount is offered for second child (applies to full time students and is given to the older child)

There will be a $20.00 charge on all returned checks to cover bookkeeping and banking costs. After two incidents of returned checks by the same parent, their child can attend Gingerbread Kids Academy on a “cash only” basis.