(AGES 6 Weeks to about 12 Months Old)


Breakfast (according to infants' needs)

On-Carpet Time
      - Grasping, Turning, Tracking, Cause & Effect

Outside Time Provided for Those Awake for 15-20 Minutes
      - Balls, Push/Pull Toys, Strollers, Infant Swings


Sensory Activities
      - Touching, Feely Books, Textures

Morning Snack (according to infant's needs)

Gross Motor Movement Development
      - Reaching, Pushing, Pulling, Crawling, Cruising

Lunch (according to infant's needs)

Napping Provided


Fine Motor Development
      - Target Experience, Pounding, Throwing

Afternoon Snack (according to infant's needs)


Gross Motor Development
      - Rolling, Climbing, Crawling

Language Development
      - Talking, Listening, Looking

Music Activities
      - Moving to Rhythms, Listening, Singing

Greeting Parents at Pick-up